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All our outings are small groups, with the security that offers a titled guide.
We offer photo news, so you get the best of eXperiencies in adventure sports. Do not doubt that we will adapt to any sporting level, whether you're debuting or what you are looking for is adrenaline.

The routes of Ferrata are horizontal and vertical routes, a mixture of climbing and trekking, in which, helped by metal steps, Tibetan bridges and secured by a cable, they allow us to easily access difficult places. 'access.


This fun and exciting activity involves exploring the most spectacular and beautiful stretches of rivers and ravines.
Emerald water droplets, waterfalls, dizzying slides, breathtaking arches, flooded galleries and light shows ... will be presented along our route, making the descent an unforgettable experience


Coasteering is an adventure sport which consists of a coastal circuit combining hiking, jumps on the high seas, exploration of terrestrial caves, diving, climbing, abseiling and rope bridge, among others. It is considered a form of trekking.

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The landscape can be discovered on foot. Take advantage of this sporting activity, which consists of walking on trails or in the countryside or in the mountains. What you can combine with gastronomic and cultural routes.


Snowshoes allow us to easily navigate over snowy surfaces and allow us to discover beautifully landscaped spaces in a fun way. The corners that you can admire are only accessible through the practice of this activity.


eXperiencias Costa Brava offers you a wealth of teaching experience, offering a range of training adapted to all levels in the natural environment.

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You want to go on an adventure trip, in Costa Brava Experiences we feel the necessary knowledge to advise you from the moment you decide to realize your dream, which is when your adventure really begins.
We have been through these situations, we know what you will find, regardless of the destination, the problems that you do not expect, before, during and after the expedition, and also, of course, the joys that you do not expect either.

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It is said that if a group of people is challenged, the result is a greater bond between team members; in fact it is one of the principles in the application and development of the concept 'team building' in the company.

Literally the translation would be something like 'building teams'; These are team building activities for companies whose main purpose is to improve performance, but also have the effect of increasing satisfaction among members of the company, in establishing informal relationships between professionals.


The benefits of Team Building will amaze you.

1 + 1 is not 2, it is 3!

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