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The Gift Voucher constitutes a means of payment through which the beneficiary can enjoy any of our activities offered on our website, always subject to prior availability.



The gift voucher you own is governed by the following conditions:

  • The commercial value of the check is limited by the price printed on the card. The values available at the moment are: €35, €45 and €100.

  • To make it effective you must check availability via WhatsApp on our phone number + 34 627972400.

  • The value of the check is not refundable under any circumstances.

  • The check can only be used by the bearer.

  • The gift voucher is valid for 18 months from the moment it was purchased.

  • In order to make the check effective, you must provide us with your name and ticket or invoice number, so we avoid falsification of the same.

  • The non-use of the Gift Voucher by the beneficiary during its validity does not cause a financial obligation to eXeperièncias Costa Brava, a fact that the purchaser and/or beneficiary of the Gift Voucher understands and accepts

  • How to purchase: The Gift Voucher can be purchased on our website or directly via WhatsApp at +34 627972400.

  • Accumulation: One or more Gift Vouchers can be accumulated to carry out the activities, as long as the veracity of obtaining each of them is checked

  • Balances in favor: Balances in favor are not managed in case the acquisition of a product was for a price lower than the economic value of the Gift Voucher. In this case, the beneficiary must add another activity so that it completes the value of the gift voucher and, given the case, pay the surplus of the total sum of the selected products and the Gift Voucher.

  • Purchase for a higher value: If the beneficiary of the Gift Voucher wants to buy a product that has a price higher than the economic value of the Gift Voucher, they can do so by adding the missing amount.

  • Security of the Gift Voucher. It is the obligation of the beneficiary of the Gift Voucher and the purchaser of the same not to share the information of the Gift Voucher, as this could be used fraudulently by third parties. In this vein, the beneficiary of the Gift Check and the purchaser understand and accept that it is their sole responsibility to share the information of the Gift Check with third parties, regardless of the means used to share this information. In these cases, eXperiences Costa Brava is exempt from responsibility.

These terms and conditions of use of the Gift Voucher are understood and accepted by its purchaser.

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