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The data contained in this form must be completed by the participants before the start of the activity, in compliance with the provisions of Decree 56/2003, of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, to carry out and carry out this activity.


Indicate the activity you will do

I understand and accept that by the mere fact of registering for the aforementioned activity, I assume that: Due to the characteristics of these activities and to be carried out in a natural environment They cannot be exempt from a certain risk .
In the same way, I declare that I am in the psychological and physical condition necessary for the practice of the aforementioned activity and I undertake to obey the instructions and orders of the sports guide / technician for the entire duration of the activity.

I declare that I have NOT had any symptoms compatible with COVID-19 14 days before the date of the activity and I have not been in contact with people infected with covid 19, in addition I have been informed of the safety measures to prevent the risk of infection with covid 19, as well as the disinfection protocol of the equipment and materials used, as well as instructions on how the activity will be carried out to prevent possible infections with COVID 19.

I also undertake NOT to be under the influence of drugs , relaxing substances, stimulants or hallucinogens, as well as medications that may affect attention, concentration, or may cause drowsiness, at the time the activities take place. .
In addition to stating that I do NOT suffer from an illness or disability that prevents me from doing the aforementioned activity , NOT BEING PREGNANT AND I do not suffer from dizziness or fear.

In the event that you have a special and particular medication I authorize you to supply it if necessary, according to the instructions I have indicated, in the event that you are unable to give my consent.

I give my consent to use the images taken in the development of the activities for use on the Web and for advertising campaigns of the same company, and authorize them to send them to my email address or whatsapp of my property indicated above.
When making the reservation, customers are transferring their data to the company, this data, in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 , will become part of the file registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Customers may exercise their rights of access, rectification and cancellation by email to

I formally declare that I have read the documentation provided , and have had the opportunity to request additional information necessary to have a complete knowledge of the activity. I declare that I am aware of the route and the activity I am going to carry out, and I declare that the sports guide / technician responsible for the activity has informed me of its development, dangers, safety measures, respect for the environment , and provided me with a list of the material needed to carry out the activity , as well as informing me of the minimum physical and technical requirements and risks.
He also passed on the information to me to minimize the risks of the activity. And it has made available to me the activity plan and, accident protocol, policies , qualifications , and the rest of the documentation as indicated in article 12 of Decree 55/2008.

In agreement, I sign this declaration.

In the case of underage participants, the data must be completed by the tutor who accompanies them to theform of minors.

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