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Riera d'Osor Canyoning
Riera d'Osor Canyoning

Departures every day



Riera d'Osor Canyoning

The Vertical Rescue course is aimed at athletes with a great deal of experience in canyoning or large vertical descent techniques. This course will provide the participant with the appropriate bases and techniques to make the correct selection of the equipment and material required for a rescue, in which they become involved.

Horario y ubicación

Departures every day

Osor, 17161 Osor, Girona, España


Acerca del evento

Spectacular ravine-school to get started in the technique of rope progression and whose theme is leisure and exploration.

Ideal ravine for learning and families.

The Riera d'Osor is located in the heart of the Guilleries, specifically in the region of La Selva. The Riera d'Osor is the highest flowing stream in the Guilleries.

Location: Osor (Girona)

Departure time: 09:15

Duration of the activity: 2 to 3 hours Approximation: 10 minutes Minimum height: 1.50 cm

Minimum age: 12 years (minors must be accompanied by a guardian)

Material provided by the customer: Swimsuit, slippers and sportswear and spare parts.

Material supplied: complete wetsuit, harness, helmet, safety elements and all the collective material.

The price includes: Qualified guide, Technical Material, RC / Accident Insurance, Photographic Report and Mini Picnic.

Schedules may vary

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