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The data contained in this form must be completed by the participants before the start of the activity, in compliance with the provisions of Decree 56/2003, of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, to carry out and carry out this activity.




Duration of the rental will be 24 hours

1- Object of the contract

The object of this contract is the rental of technical mountain equipment by Miguel Ángel López Galán hereinafter
Costa Brava experiences, to the CUSTOMER, for a certain price and time. The use of material rented for Costa Brava experiences
is restricted to the territorial scope of Spain. If you intend to use it outside this space, the CUSTOMER
expressly communicate this to Costa Brava experiences, whose responsibility will not be due in any event that occurred outside the
territorial scope referred to in Spain, with the exception of the assumption provided for in the Fifth Clause of these general conditions.

2- Rented product and duration.

The rental price of the material depends on the material selected and the duration of the lease requested by the CUSTOMER.
The price will ALWAYS be paid in advance, at the time of contracting. Depending on the circumstances of the lease
a deposit of a deposit will be required. In the event that this bond is applied, the landlord
will refund this amount within a maximum of 24 hours after receipt of the material.

3- Exemption from Liability

The CUSTOMER acknowledges and accepts that Costa Brava experiences will not be held responsible for: Material returned by a third party that is
find damaged or with defects that make it impossible to rent to another CUSTOMER. Claims for accidents, injuries, blows or
damage caused to oneself or to third parties (persons or property) during the rental period. Force majeure causes.

4- Obligations of Costa Brava Experiences

Deliver to the CUSTOMER the material in conditions of suitable operation and use. Review and check each returned material,
claiming from the CUSTOMER any damage that may have occurred during its rental period.

5- Obligations of the CUSTOMER

The tenant or tenant must be over 18 years of age and will be responsible for the rented equipment. You will also need to own
National identity document or passport. Collect and return the leased item, provided by Costa Brava experiences,
at the place and dates agreed at the beginning and end of the lease period. Back to Experiences Costa Brava articles
leased in good condition. Use the leased material responsibly and properly, ensuring its integrity, good
operation of the same and not exposing it to situations in which it could be damaged. Pay in full for the repair that is
resulting from any damage caused by negligent or careless use, which may have occurred during the period of
rent. The amount will be the one specified in the repair budget that Costa Brava experiences will send to the CUSTOMER at
address specified in the heading of these General Conditions of Contract generating a payment order, which
the purchase for restitution of the material and its accessories in case of theft, theft, loss, damage must be paid in full.
irreparable and loss of accessories, rented by Costa Brava experiences. The amount of the refund will be made in accordance with
rates listed in the ANNEX to these General Conditions of Contract and a payment order will be generated. The CUSTOMER, no
may, rent, mortgage, pawn, sell, lend or in any way pledge the rented equipment. He declares to meet
in the appropriate psychophysical conditions for the practice of the activities you plan to perform with the material, as well as not
be under the effects of relaxing, exciting or hallucinogenic substances, on the date of the lease of the material.

6- Delivery Dates and Deadlines

If the rented product is not returned on the date set, the CUSTOMER will pay for Costa Brava experiences for
penalty 100% per day of delay on the total order and a payment order will be generated for this amount, which must be
paid by the CUSTOMER within 48 hours. If within 4 calendar days from the agreed return date of the
product, it is not in possession of Costa Brava experiences, the CUSTOMER agrees to pay the amount of the refund
of the article according to the rates included in the ANNEX of these General Conditions of Contract. The days considered,
will be counted from the day of the end of the rental period until the same day that the item is returned to
Costa Brava experiences.

7- Termination of the contract.

Experiences Costa Brava may terminate this contract in its own right and by simple written communication, if any
any of the following circumstances: Serious breach of this contract, without the lessee being entitled to any
type of claim or compensation. For inability to continue providing the service. Due to stock unavailability.


Experiences Costa Brava is deeply committed to compliance with Spanish regulations for the protection of
personal data and it is for them that it strictly complies with the guidelines of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December
Protection of Personal Data, and with Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December approving the Regulation of
development of the Organic Law and the rest of the regulations in force at any given time, and ensures that the correct use and treatment of
personal data of the user. Therefore, together with each personal data collection form, Experiences Costa brava
will inform the user of the existence and acceptance of the particular conditions of the processing of your data in each case.
of a personal nature, will be treated with the appropriate degree of protection, taking the legally necessary security measures
to prevent its loss, deterioration and supply and access to unauthorized third parties. However, the User must be aware of
that Internet security measures are not impregnable. Apart from the contractual relationship, the user authorizes Experiences
Costa brava to the processing of your personal data for the sending of commercial offers and advertising by any means
(correspondence, telephone, fax, mailing or any other telematic means) own. We also inform you that you will be able to exercise the
rights (ARCO) of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of personal data to the files of Experiences Costa brava
in accordance with the provisions of the Organic Law for the Protection of Personal Data (LO 15/1999) and the RD. 1720/2007, directing a
written request, together with a copy of the DNI to the following address Av Frederic Mistral no. 38 1-4 17310 Lloret de Mar, or through the
sending an email to:

Anex preus

Agreeing, I sign this contract.

The landlord or tenant declares to have received operating instructions for the leased material and to know how to use it according to the manufacturer's specifications. 

That the product is suitable for use.
That will use it according to the manufacturer's specifications.
It is strictly forbidden to swim in the sea with the via ferrata kit.

Thanks !!!

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