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Our commitment

FIRST.- Create an inclusive LGBT culture (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transsexuals) in the company, working to raise awareness about the principles of equal opportunities and respect for LGBT diversity and including as company values and spreading among its staff.


SECOND.- Look after the LGBT rights within the company and emphasize inclusive LGBT policies, with careful attention to its most vulnerable members such as young people, women or transsexual people, taking care to know their needs and promoting their perfect integration in the company.


THIRD.- Managing LGBT Diversity transversally, considering of particular relevance the involvement of the company's management in the practice of its inclusive LGBT policies so that they are truly effective, and covering all the company's departments and all its scenarios (executives, workers , suppliers, customers and press) forming an indispensable consistency.


FOURTH.- Consider the communication department as a valuable tool to promote and develop one inclusive LGBT culture inside and outside the company, using the means and plans available to do so such as sending internal directives, giving talks or participating in LGBT Diversity meetings and forums.


FIFTH.- Promote the visibility of LGBT workers, so that they do not have to invest energy in hiding who they are. Armoring requires devoting 25% of the brain to this task, so it is unfair and against the equal opportunities.

SIXTH.- Establish a welcoming group that serves as a reference for new LGBT employees by developing activities within this mentoring group, where it is convenient to have allied non-LGBT employees.


SEVENTH.- Not basing the company's inclusive LGBT policies on the tolerance (as if it were an admissible error) but al RESPECT

in the broadest sense of the word (recognition, reciprocity...). Likewise, don't limit these company LGBT inclusive policies to ACCEPTANCE but SUPPORT to the LGBT community.


EIGHTH.- Plan an immediate action protocol in case of discrimination or homophobic attitudes within the company.



NINTH.- Formally establish an annual report to analyze the results of the implementation of inclusive policies LGBT of the company and consider new actions.


TEN.- Locate the badgeGay friendlyin a visible place, so that the company makes public its commitment to LGBT inclusive policies in general and to this Decalogue in particular.

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