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1. The design, organization and implementation of activities corresponding to the work experience. The payment of the reservation implies the acceptance of the General Conditions. - 2. Prices or 2.1 Prices for each activity will be displayed on the website o 2.2 The prices include VAT and all that is displayed in the "included" section of each activity network. o 2.3 The realization of programmed activities is subject to completing the minimum places indicated in each network. If these minimum places are not completed, the price for this activity will be applicable according to the number of people attending. The participant may choose to attend by paying the corresponding fee according to the number of participants or by paying a fee for the import which may be paid in any other activity. or 2.4 The prices do not include any expenses necessary to comply with the requirements for obtaining visas or other entry requirements for certain countries (medical insurance, special accident insurance, etc.). - 3. Reservation, payment and cancellation of programmed activities o 3.1 The reservation of places will be made by strict order of payment of the amount stipulated for each activity as a sign of the reservation. o 3.2 If the reservation is made by telephone, the availability of places will be confirmed and a maximum of 48 hours will be available to make the reservation, for the amount indicated in each information sheet in the BANC SABADELL account, indicating the activity and the name. o 3.3 If you make the reservation online, the availability of a place is immediate and you must follow the instructions in the e-mail contact. o 3.4 The payment will be subtracted from the limit set for each activity site, in the case of activities that are not fully paid for and have been agreed at the individual level. 3.5 In case of cancellation or modification of the reservation by the user, this will result in the following penalties: More than one month before the start of the program: 100% refund. From one month to 15 days before: 50% refund. From 14 days to 7 days before: 25% refund. Less than 7 days before: no returns. In any case, the expenses incurred by third parties in relation to the activity will be returned. o 3.6 If the waiting list is reached, the reserved places that have not been fully paid for will be charged for those on the waiting list. o 3.7 The lesser of the two, the parental consent will be given on the day of the activity, as well as a photocopy of the ID card of the parent or guardian. o 3.8 In the event that the cancellation or modification by the affected client is accompanied by an increase in the price of the rest of the participants, this increase will be deducted from the amount for which you have the right of return, according to section 3.5. - 4. Reservation and payment of on-demand activities (all international activities beyond those specified are considered on-demand). o 4.1 The reservation fee, the amount of which will be determined for each particular activity, will consist of the entry in the BANC SABADELL account or by means of payment with a bank card in the Virtual POS, indicating the name of the person or company that contracts the activity. No refund of the amount paid will be made in the event of cancellation by the client. o 4.2 You will be notified of the name, address, ID number and details of the participants (clothes size, shoe number ...) through the online client network. o 4.3 In case of cancellation by the user, paragraph 4.1 will be applied, as well as the penalty set out in paragraph 3.5, for the remainder of the paid amount of the activity. o 4.4 The minors will give their parental consent on the day of the activity, as well as a photocopy of the ID card of the parent or guardian. - 5. Vouchers and gift cards o 5.1 Participants who wish to pay for any of the activities with vouchers or gift cards must be informed at the time of booking, as the services specified in the vouchers are included in the activity and not on the website . o 5.2 Any modification with less than 7 days in advance will result in the loss of the entire package. o 5.3 If the activity cannot be carried out for reasons beyond the company's control (weather, lack of electricity, etc.), a similar alternative activity will be carried out. In the specific case of snowshoeing, Via ferrata or climbing will be replaced by hiking. - 6. Insurance 6.1 All participants will have an accident insurance that covers the activity / activities to be carried out, without prejudice that certain activities may require additional insurance. 6.2 MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ GALAN WWW.EXPERIENCIESCOSTABRAVA.COM provides accident insurance for participants who do not have their own insurance. The client must inform MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ GALAN WWW.EXPERIENCIESCOSTABRAVA.COM when making the reservation and will pay the cost of the same along with the import of the reservation. - 7.1 Mountain activities are subject to possible changes due to weather conditions and the physical and psychological characteristics of the participants. The itineraries may be modified for the purpose of and totally or partially suspended if the circumstances so require, according to the criteria of the guide. o 7.2 With the aim of ensuring the smooth running of the activity, the guide responsible for the activity may adapt the same depending on the weather forecast plan of AEMET (State Meteorological Agency), or other international, national or local meteorological services. o 7.3 However, if the activity has begun and it is suspended for the reasons indicated in section 7.1, no reimbursement of any import will be made, given the unpredictability of these external factors. For this purpose, the activities begin after presenting themselves to the responsible guide at the point of encounter of the activity. - 8.2 The guide is the maximum responsible for the activity, making the most appropriate decisions for the proper functioning of the activity, taking into account weather conditions and the physical and psychological condition of the participants. If the same is not done, both MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ GALAN WWW.EXPERIENCIESCOSTABRAVA.COM and the guide will decline all responsibility for the consequences that may arise from the expulsion of the participant or end and all, to the suspension of the activity, with loss of all rights. - 9. Admission rights o 9.1 MIGUEL ANGEL LOPEZ GALAN WWW.EXPERIENCIESCOSTABRAVA.COM and if necessary, the activity guide, reserves the right of admission of any person who does not present at the beginning of the activity the psychophysical or technical conditions necessary for the realization of the activity. o 9.2 Also, any person who is not present at the beginning of the activity with the material specified in the section "Necessary material" or indicated by e-mail, cannot participate in the same, always at the discretion of the guide. o 9.3 The situations specified in sections 9.1 and 9.2 assume a loss of all rights on the part of the participant and a loss of the importance of the activity.

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